Australian Taxation Office

Please exercise caution when taking data from the ATO website as it may not be applicable to your situation. Similarly ATO staff are often unqualified to advise you. Please give our office a quick call as in most cases we’ve heard the question before and regardless we’ll be able to guide you. 

Fair Trading – DOCEP – Business Names

The department of commerce contains lots of useful information in particular for employers, in relation to employee minimum wages and conditions. You will be able to apply for your business name on the DOCEP site or download the form.

ASIC name checker

The ASIC database interface is a very diverse tool. It will allow you to see what companies are already registered and thus what names are available. It also shows registered business names regulated by each state. Finally you can also look up date of registration details (something commonly requested by clients) without having to go to the trouble of calling for any company in Australia.

URL Availabilty

These two resources should be used together when choosing a name for a new business venture as the Web is such an important outlet for both marketing and sales. With these tools you will be able to find a Business or company name that is available and match it to an available URL (internet address)