Expansive marble receptions, sweeping views and million dollar partners. Sorry, not us. More what a small to medium business can afford.

One-man-band? Not us either. Enough people to cover all the areas our clients need expertise in.

Cut price? No. Our charge rates cover qualified experienced people, ongoing learning to stay up-to-date and reliable tech. But not fancy offices. For what we deliver, we’re about the cheapest you’ll find. If you don’t care what you get, you can buy cheaper.

Fast and loose, with off-shore accounts? Definitely not us. We play it very straight. Which keeps us in good standing with the ATO and gives our clients prima facie credibility.  If the ATO distrusts an accountant, they’ll probably distrust the clients who use that accountant. Most tax audits are not random.

How about sharp branding, pretty people and designer coffee?  If that’s what you want, you’d laugh or choke at us.  We’re not exactly messy, but certainly a bit bursting at the seams. Definitely casual, not formal. No chance of finding any of us in GQ.  A tip; the wine is better than the coffee.

So who are we?  We value work, we believe that putting in the effort is still a more reliable way to results.

We like small businesses and family businesses, where we get to work hands-on with the decision makers and we can feel we’ve contributed something to their success. But we also like to look up sometimes, look wider and dream what a business could actually become. Looking at us, you might be surprised to learn we have national and international clients who employ us for analysis and advice, not daily number crunching.

We believe in fundamentals; data, analysis, systems, planning.

We spend a lot of our lives at work, so we like to work with people we like. We don’t have to be friends – we get along just fine with a very diverse range of people –  but we do provide personalised, long-term service, not a commoditised product.

That’s us. Though we do want to say, quite a few of our clients are cool, trendy, fashionable, beautiful people. They seem to be able to cope with our lack of sartorial elegance and we don’t hold their enviable style against them.