Business reviews

Entropy is the scientific principle that all systems tend to run down: the business response to this is an organisational review.

Successful reviews are usually conducted by outsiders with wide business experience and specific expertise in conducting reviews. Edwards Irvine and Facius can help you set up a review that will be effective – and help you choose and act on its recommendations.

Ideally a review should be a maintenance item, like tuning your car. In reality often it’s like a roadside rescue.

The starting point is usually some objective. “Slash costs” is a typical roadside rescue objective. “Streamline processes” and “expand capabilities” is more like a tune-up before a long trip.
A review should not be idle, or general: it should be purposive and specific. It should consider the organisation within its business and social context and it should focus on the achievement of defined objectives. A review is goal oriented.

It should compare the organisation with others that are similar, or that represent its aspirations, so it brings an outside perspective to the vision.

The review should address (or develop) a business plan that details the business model (how the business makes money).

The review examines every aspect of the organisation in relation to the objectives: what it contributes, how it could be improved, if it’s even necessary and what else should be done. So as well as a tune-up, it becomes part of your road map for what’s ahead.