Business buying

Perhaps you are looking to buy into a business, or to expand your existing business by acquisition. It’s a time proven path to success, but there are many dangers along the way.

One thing for sure, there will be a vendor keen to paint a rosy picture – and shy away from some less comfortable facts about the business.

We offer you three types of purchase analysis:

  • Financial,
  • Structural, &
  • Marketing.

A financial analysis will test the consistency of the data presented and consider the financial benefit that will actually flow to you. It will report on the true cost and potential income of the acquisition.

This may also be useful in approaching financiers.

Structural analysis examines the most appropriate business model tailored to your particular situation. Business structure is not a 'one size fits all' approach as it may impact upon other desired outcomes including legal, taxation and risk minimisation matters.

A marketing analysis will examine the current market position of the business and its future potential. It can also look at the potential synergies between the proposed acquisition and your current business.
This will help you determine whether the proposal will be a real benefit to you.

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