Bookkeeping Services

Sloppy bookkeeping will cripple even the most successful business, draining profits and management time, leaving you fighting bushfires and making decisions with incomplete or inaccurate information.

Most businesses have a bookkeeper in addition to their accountant, and this is a good practice for both cost control and efficiency. It is essential you have the right person, the right system, & appropriate checks and balances.

We can help you get this right from the start, so you never need to discover what a nightmare your business can become if the bookkeeping goes seriously off the rails.

Our assistance can include:

  1. Employee selection
  2. Training including requirements specific to your situation
  3. Systems set-up
  4. Ongoing support to your bookkeeper
  5. Monitoring to ensure high standards
  6. Compliance checking
  7. Spot audits
  8. Regular review and advice on system improvements
  9. Emergency bookkeeping services

Don’t delay on this business critical area: call EDWARDS IRVINE & FACIUS PTY LTD for a review and professional, qualified advice on your situation.