Audit Insurance

“This is the ATO. You’re going to be audited…”

Words to strike terror in any business owner’s heart. Even if your accounts are in perfect order, there is going to be disruption, time lost and accounting fees incurred.

And that’s the best possible outcome.

Unless of course you have audit insurance that covers the costs of any externally imposed audit.

Edwards Irvine and Facius offers EasyAudit, a simple and surprisingly low cost insurance solution.

EasyAudit covers audits of wages, PAYG returns, BAS, GST, workers compensation insurance, superannuation payments, self managed super funds, duties and other government imposts. [Covers ATO and most Government audits]

EasyAudit pays for all reasonable disbursements in relation to an audit including professional accounting fees, legal fees and the costs of other consultants engaged in relation to the audit.

You can’t avoid being audited, but you can avoid the financial impact. Call EDWARDS IRVINE & FACIUS PTY LTD and take a load off your mind.