Barry Lambert founded Count Financial Limited, now trading as Count and Count Wealth Accountants, in 1980.

Barry had previously worked for the Commonwealth Bank for 19 years and started preparing tax returns at night. Tax clients often asked Barry where they should invest their money so he looked at becoming licensed to one of the investment organisations available at the time. Barry found these organisations unsuitable as they were largely sales based and few talked about helping the end investor, his client.Realising that every accountant must be asked the same question by their clients. Barry resigned from the Commonwealth Bank. He began providing specialised advice and training to accountants in public practice so they could give professional investment advice to their tax and accounting clients.

With their comprehensive tax knowledge, Barry believed accountants were well positioned to offer clients a truly comprehensive financial planning service. Today, the Count Financial network has been extended to also include specialist non-accountant advisers, whose clients can now benefit from Count’s high quality, proven range of services and support.Barry’s wife Joy, left her teaching career to help build the Count business and was a Director for 15 years.Barry and Joy’s three children all contributed to Count’s success. Daughter, Kylie, making a significant contribution as the Deputy Managing Director from 1995 to 2004.

Count is a Professional Partner of the Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited.
We advise clients with as little as $100 to clients with many millions on how to invest their money.
The Count team has grown to over 80, based at our Head Office in Sydney.

Count holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (No. 227232) which enables Count Advisers (or Authorised Representatives) to give advice on a wide range of financial products including personal risk insurance and investments such as unit trusts, shares, listed property trusts, and retirement products.

I’d like to give a small insight on how Geoffrey Edwards & Edwards Irvine & Facius Pty Ltd through their Count membership have helped me. For many a year I’d been in disarray about money conditions, no structure, other incompetent financial planners, I was losing more money than gaining… then I came across Geoffrey Edwards, an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Limited. Almost immediately my life changed for the better, order, thorough planning, budgeting and future reference all taken in a professional stance. The reason I wrote this, I’m a quadraplegic and to put my finances into someone else’s hands for the here now and future could be a high risk. I have total faith in Geoff, he surpassed any adviser I had encountered in the past. Thank you Geoff & thank you Count.

Alex Kosakow