Direct Property Investment

Bricks and Mortar: Pacific Eastcoast Investments

Want to get involved in property investing, but don’t know what constitutes a good investment?
This is the area of expertise of Pacific Eastcoast (P.E.C.).

PEC aim to provide clients with well researched and well located investment property, that has an air of exclusivity.

To date PEC have placed over $3 billion of investment property to over 8,000 individual investors, making Pacific Eastcoast Australia’s leading source of property investments to the professional industries.

Critical Attributes of a Pacific Eastcoast Investment

  • Uniqueness: PEC ensure every property they offer provides competitive advantages in the market - uniqueness is essential
  • Proximity: PEC generally focus on properties in the inner and middle ring radius - within 15 kms of the major CBDs - namely Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth
  • Growth or Income: PEC understand that different types of property suit people at different stages in their life, so we maintain a mix of capital growth and income based investments
  • In addition to this PEC understand that individuals prefer to invest in different styles of property so they endeavour to maintain a spread of investment types including low, medium and high density residential, commercial and retail.

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